Zen Sports Batting Net Review

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Whether you're coaching the whole team or just your young slugger; swinging at the complex or in the back yard, every young ballplayer can benefit from having a batting net at the ready. When it's affordable and high quality that's a bonus for us parents and coaches!

We've always done alot of hitting with our kids, for some reason the activity of hitting a ball with a stick is something they've always enjoyed. Over the years we've chased and misplaced dozens of balls. After a couple of seasons of tee ball I decided a hitting net would be a good idea for oldest set of twins' birthday. I did some research, read some reviews and settled on the Zen Sports net below:

This is why we love having this net at the farm:

1. It comes with a nicer-than-expected carrying bag into which all of the components fit very easily.

2. This net is super easy to build, move around, take down, store and transport

3. It's big! 7ft. X 7 ft. is plenty wide and tall for ballplayers of all ages

4. It can handle the heat. I played baseball for many years and this net has no problem handling hard shots off of my bat

5. It's cheap! Great for birthdays, Christmas or just to celebrate the start of a new season!

I stand about 6'2" for size reference. This is a big, nice net!

There's really not too much else to say. As a guy with alot of experience I love the convenience and efficiency of these new lines of baseball equipment. Light, effective and affordable. I will definitely be turning to Zen Sports in the future when I need more equipment. This net is not built to withstand a 162 game major league season, but its alot easier to move around than big, expensive pieces of equipment and it will help you interact and play with your kids while also giving them to chance to hit and throw on their own!

Rise. Shine. Crush.

Here's a video showing the components that come with the purchase, how it is constructed and how it handles some old man line drives and 15 hoppers.

A direct link for the net:

12 baseballs for $20:

A tee that will last over the long haul: