Oh Boy, Smoked Short Ribs!

Trying new things on the smoker is something I get really excited about. The prep is fun, the experience of trying to craft something unique and of course that moment when you cut the results open, see the results and crush that first morsel. AWESOME!

I've wanted to try some short ribs for a long time but I had a hard time finding them at the grocery store. My lovely wife surprised me after the shopping trip last week by bringing home 2 packs of 4 from WinCo (underrated grocery shopping experience BTW)!

I looked up a few recipes on Pinterest, chose a winner, added my own spin to it and, prepped the ribs in the morning and got to cooking around noon on a sunny Sunday.


Olive oil drizzle, McCormick Brazilian steak seasoning, chili powder, salt, pepper and of course, lots of brown sugar. Also prepped my spray bottle with some Apple Cider vinegar diluted with water.


Preheated smoker to 225 degrees, went with Applewood chips to keep the sweeter theme. My plan was 5 hours at 225 with multiple apple cider vinegar spritzes each hour. My research showed I needed to aim for an internal temp. of 200 degrees to melt the fat, however, my meat thermometer doesn't seem to be working correctly so I had to use some feel on this one. I let them smoke for 2 hours untouched then opened up the door for the first spray of vinegar and was really happy to see how they were coming along. Look at that meat!

I was doing alot of work around the farm during the smoke, s for the next 3 hours I asked my apple watch to repeatedly set my timer for 30 minutes. When my wrist vibrated I would head over to the smoker, quickly open the door, spray them down and close it back up. The smell that was wafting through the shop area was amazing.

Finished Product:

3 of my youngsters really like smoked meat so they were very excited when I brought these in right on time. The side dish was some killer basil & sun-dried tomato orzo my wife hooked up. I cut these right off the bone, dished them up and really enjoyed the meal. Definitely a repeat-offender! I still need to get my meat thermometer situation figured out but these were cooked to perfection, thats what's great about cooking low and slow in the smoker, you don't have to be perfect, you can get a bunch of stuff done around the house, check on the meat every-so-often and reward your hard work with a great meal at the end of a productive day....and the mess stays outside!