In-Season Training Plan

Crushlife Acres Families….

As baseball season gets closer, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how my services need to adjust for in-season training. I can tell you from experience that both college athletic programs and professional sports organizations adjust their training programs during the season. Crushlife Acres will do the same.

Changes for in-season training this spring & summer:

Physical Training:

1. Less high intensity, high repetition, high heart rate interval training and more low repetition, strength building in the big muscles of the legs, chest and back.

2. Yoga-based training to keep the athlete’s bodies limber and their joints healthy with the goal of helping them feel physically better and more mentally aware during the season. I would love to see groups of players or entire teams coming out for evening or weekend stretching and strengthening through yoga-based strategies!

3. More low impact jogging on the trail to move blood around the body which removes lactic acid from the legs and the throwing arm.

4. Core work will remain a high priority.

Baseball Training:

1. There will be very little throwing at Crushlife Acres during the baseball season. I care deeply about the health of these young arms! We can do a lot of fielding work and even some pitching drills without having to throw and by keeping our legs and core strong through the season we will lighten the load on the arm.

2. Swing maintenance will go unchanged but the players will be getting their timing dialed in at practice and during games so we will spend more time on tee work, one-hand drills and other detailed strategies for keeping the swing short, quick and through the baseball.

Thank you to all of you for giving me the opportunity to train and get to know your athletes. The last 4 months have been inspiring to say the least. I will continue to do everything I can to give your players a great experience at Crushlife Acres while also looking for ways to improve the facility.

Rise. Shine. Crush.

Steve Mortimer


• Hobby farming dad with 2 sets of twins (ages 6 & 4)

• 5-acre tree farm in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon 

• Former professional baseball player

• Crushing DIY projects, at-home workouts, BBQ

• Living and loving these years with my kids

• Married life and dad life are the good life.



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