Cool New Shop Stools

You know the old adage about one man's garbage being another man's gem? I love adding free cool stuff to the acreage.

I work out at an old school, warehouse style fitness facility that, at one time, was a large tennis center. The age where the tennis center was a family hub was a better time! I'm sure these stools sat in a little tennis center cafe at one point, a spot where you could sit down and enjoy a turkey sandwich and a bag of Lay's after a few doubles matches between you and your lady and your good friends Patricia and Ray.

These were sitting dissembled in a shopping cart in the back of the gym. When I inquired the guy asked me how much I'd like to pay for them. "Nothing." I said. He responded by saying he'd have them ready for me after my workout. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

Can't believe someone would toss these beauties!

When I got them home the kids were pretty excited. As a side note, isn't it amazing how excited kids get about stuff like new stools? I try to live that way and you should too! If you're able-bodied and of sound mind and you live in the USA, you have a daily opportunity to explore the world, learn new things and make new discoveries, THAT IS SOMETHING TO BE EXCITED ABOUT. Emmitt quickly grabbed the stool by the seat, it pulled out of the base and the whole thing tipped over, he was pretty rattled thinking he had broken the new stool. As I often do, I reminded him to take his time and to ask a few questions before taking action and then I assured him the stool would be fine.

I didn't want to do anything too fancy with these for now, certainly don't want them bolted into the floor. I had some 3/4 inch sanded plywood leftover from the barn doors I've been building and after measuring I found I could easily cut 4 12" X 12" squares out of that wood. In order to give whatever screws/lag bolts I planned on using to attach the stool some wood to screw into I glued 2 squares together with some pin nails and called it good.

I found some thick headed bolts with built in washers in the hardware section of Home Depot, brought them home and they fit perfectly. Drilled pilot holes and used my socket wrench to quickly tighten them in. The stool fit the shop perfectly, like most everything around this place, they aren't fancy but they get the job done and they look pretty decent.

I'll probably eventually spray paint the base, real glad to give these beauties new life.