The term "Crush"is a word I became synonymous with during my days toiling in the minor leagues of professional baseball.  Over those years I did crush some baseballs no doubt but it was really more about crushing life every day, trying to do things right, staying in shape, getting out of bed everyday ready to roll.  I made some great friends during my time in the bus leagues and we spent a lot of time exercising together, making music and video shorts, working in the cages, honing our craft and crushing it on the field.  

After retiring from baseball, getting married and starting my career, crushing life took on a different meaning.  Today, as a father, husband and employee the CRUSHLIFE is about enthusiasm, follow-through, having a plan and executing what I set my mind to – or in many cases, what I told my wife I would get done!  And that's what the purchase of our 5.3 acres has been about for me personally.  There is alot out here that I don't know how to do and the only way I'll be able to keep my head above water out is to rise, shine and crush everyday.  I know that I am consistent with my fitness, my attitude and my preparation and if I combine that commitment with the knowledge I can gain from my own experience and the experience of those around me, my family and I will live a great life here at Crushlife Acres. 

Whether you live in an apartment, duplex, small house or sprawling farm, I hope this blog encourages you to manage and maintain what you own to the best of your ability, to live your life with enthusiasm to do the things that will make you happy over the long haul.

I believe that if more people – especially men – dedicated themselves to being healthy, strong and productive their lives would be happier, their marriages healthier and their families more secure.  Hard working happy people in successful marriages, raising kids who feel safe and secure – and understand the value of hard work – eventually add up to stronger communities and better country.  

I believe we were created to move and to work and that hard work, both in the gym and at home, is what makes us happy. I also believe that being inside, hooked to a computer, video game or cell leads to sadness, depression and sickness.  There are stacks of research that clearly show this to be true yet more and more people succumb to the malaise of technology everyday.  


We are a family of 6. Myself, my lovely wife and 2 sets of twins 5 and 3 years old respectively.  We are a very active family, even with 4 kids under 6 years old, we are committed to nutrition, fitness, activity and punctuality. 


People often shake their heads in disbelief and ask, "How do you guys do it?"  With so many people asking that question, I thought a blog would be a good way to share the strategies, thought-processes, ideas and tools we use to raise these kids on our farm.

I grew up on the Oregon coast and spent a lot of my childhood on the 75-head dairy farm of a dutch immigrant named Hans DeVries.  As I've aged and started my own family I've come to realize how much of an impact the time I spent cleaning barns, bucking hay bails and riding on the tractor had on me.  Although we're not raising any profitable crops or livestock on our land, if I close my eyes and take a big whiff of my rabbit's timothy hay, it puts my right back in the hay forts of my childhood.  

Seeing my children beginning to appreciate the beauty of our little plot and the joy that comes from the work it takes to maintain and care for our land and our animals has been a heart-warming form of verification that taking the risk of moving out here was the right decision. 


1. is built to answer the question many people ask my wife and I, "how do you guys do it?" The dad life is the best life, is written and designed to help you get MORE enjoyment, fultillment, memories out of being a dad and a husband.


2. is built to motivate others to plan and follow through on projects.  The more you put in, the more you get out, displaying the joy of hard work to your family is an important part of being a dad and a leader. It also saves money! Let's Do. It. Our. Selves.


3. wants to help people live happier, healthier lives by encouraging them and teaching them about exercise, heatlhy living, hard work and the rewards they bring.

4. is looks forward to sharing our experiences with recipes, products and ideas so people have more information in order to learn, make decisions and get more out of life.


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With my 2 sets of twins soon after we moved to Crushlife Acres, our 5 acre tree farm.

• Hobby farming dad with 2 sets of twins (ages 6 & 4)

• 5-acre tree farm in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon 

• Former professional baseball player

• Crushing DIY projects, at-home workouts, BBQ

• Living and loving these years with my kids

• Married life and dad life are the good life.



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