Crushlife Acres is a 5 acre tree farm in Eugene, Oregon that me, my family, our dog, cat, chickens, rabbits and goats call home. 

It is also an outdoor performance and baseball training facility.


I invested in this farm so I could work, learn and improve my skills.


I want to help you discover ways to do the same.





With my 2 sets of twins soon after we moved to Crushlife Acres, our 5 acre tree farm.

• Hobby farming dad with 2 sets of twins (ages 6 & 4)

• 5-acre tree farm in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon 

• Former professional baseball player

• Crushing DIY projects, at-home workouts, BBQ

• Living and loving these years with my kids

• Married life and dad life are the good life.



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Fill this out.  Stay updated. Share and engage with Crushlife Acres! 

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